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My mother grew up in the South during the Depression, when times were hard, money was scarce and dining out was a luxury most could not afford. Those times molded Mama into a practical woman, but couldn't tame her sense of creativity, style and elegance. Every meal she made was like a work of art - carrots curled a top a salad, pineapple slices and cloves garnishing a ham. Mama had the ability to turn ordinary ingredients into an impressive feast.
  As the economy recovered, Mama's style blossomed with the collection of beautiful serving pieces and decorative glass. The joy my mother experienced in planning, preparing, and setting a beautiful table made a deep impression on me that I didn't fully realize until after her death.
   In memory of Jeanne Marguerite, my mother, I founded Jon Margeaux. My wish is that her legacy, the joy and happiness derived from decorating and entertaining, is passed on to you and your customers for generations to come
Warmest Wishes,

Sarah Ehlers
Founder & President
Jon Margeaux